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Free online listen to A Song of Ice and Fire full series audiobook by George R. R. Martin and narrated by Simon Vance , in series: A Song of Ice and Fire. Are you a George R. R. Martin fan ? if yes you will love A Song of Ice and Fire full series audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/As other’s have stated, buy the 5 book series. You will have all of the same material that is in the 5, it just hasn’t been divided into 2 more books. The actual book 6 is titled the “Winds of Winter.” Martin has repeatedly, over the space of a few years, said he will release the book on this date, and then he postponed it. A new release date, and he postponed again. He’s done this a number of times now. The last I heard the book will definitely and surely be released at the latest by November now. We’ll see. He has almost completely written book 7 but, it’s such a long book, he’s decided to cut it in two, so 7 and 8. The release date(s) of these has not even been discussed yet. Buy the 5 series, continue to wait for 6, and don’t hold your breath on 7 and 8.
On a positive note, all of these books are spectacular for lovers of the fantasy/historical fiction genre. I must admit fantasy was never for me but these are just too good to not read. I’m not sure that I would ever read another fantasy series but this one was an absolute pleasure.
Lastly, my biggest fear and concern, Mr. Martin’s age and health. He is noticeably advanced in years and noticeably overweight. Repeatedly knocking on wood, I am concerned with the question of will he will remain with us long enough to wrap this all up before….? We must all pray that this is so.

2/I am putting pics of my book set and along with a book so that you can see the font size and decide whether you find such small font comfortable to read or not. I bought it for Rs. 2057 so you can compare price to see whether the price has dropped or increased.
My bookset was torn from a side so I had to tape it. That’s totally carelessness of the delivery guy. The books inside were completely fine. It has a map along with it which is quite nice.

3/Perfect condition, in a plastic wrap, plus free map! After watching all 6 seasons of the Television programme, which I was recommended to do first before reading the books as it can get quite confusing, I borrowed A Song of Fire and Ice from my library and I’m barely a few chapters in and I love it! It’s definitely easier to follow having watched the TV series first and gotten an idea of characters and places first.
Like most anything else, it’s either your type of thing or it’s not, but you cannot say that it’s poorly written.
I’ve never read/watched anything like GoT before, genre-wise. But I found the whole thing so interesting and compelling, the way some of them speak, the vocabulary, is all quite formal and proper! Especially Tyrion (of course that’s in part down to Peter Dinklage and his excellent acting) so for me this is quite a change of pace and an adventure.