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Crooked Kingdom Auiobook Reviews:

1/If you enjoyed the King of Scars, this one will take it all to an entirely different level. Ketterdam comes to life with a cast that is ruthless as well as touchingly human. A GREAT read!

2/I enjoyed the Shadow & Bone series but I love the Six of Crows duology, and Crooked Kingdom is magnificent. It’s a guilty pleasure I feel no guilt about indulging in what so ever. Face paced, and raucous, brutal and poised all at the same time. And the monstrous genius of Kaz Brekker is absolutely captivating!

3/Just when I thought SOC couldn’t get any better, the fact that Leigh was able to further build the characters we’ve already grown to love is amazing. Also i love that Wylan has more of a role in the story than the first one, Wylan is one of my all time favorite book characters and i was so happy we got to see his backstory and his character really flourish in Crooked Kingdom. this is a book series I’m going to be stuck on for a while after reading.