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Free online listen to Legendborn (Legendborn #1) audiobook by Tracy Deonn and narrated by Joniece Abbott-Pratt . Are you a Tracy Deonn fan ? if yes you will love Legendborn (Legendborn #1) audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/I was so excited to read this. And I listen and read the book simultaneously sometimes. I was not a huge fan of the narrator. She made the main character sound really whiny, and the narrator as a whole sounded pained throughout the whole book.

The story as a whole was so incredibly slow for me for the majority of the book. I felt like this book could be condensed to half of what it is. And the print was so so small.

The concept was good, although I’m not a huge Arthurian retelling fan (I gave it a shot because this book was highly recommended). I was hoping the main character would grow a bit more to finally and truly accept her power, and I didn’t really feel like that happened at the end, not enough to give me chills. I feel like the power was given to her prematurely.

I am going to read the second book because the second book in a series sometimes end up being better in my experience, especially when you get world-building out of the way.

2/I didn’t know what to expect going into this, outside of the hype it had received when it initially debuted. Although the book didn’t draw me in from the beginning, it made up for it with fast pacing (potentially too fast) throughout the rest.

There are a LOT of characters in this book, and it definitely took some time for me to remember who people were, but the characters that we spend the most time with are generally likable while also having many of the petty, occasionally annoying, qualities to be expected of teenagers.
My primary problem was that, while reading, I couldn’t convince myself that these were actually teenagers. Sel talks like a 200 year old man who has been to Hell and back, and everyone else seems far too self-aware to come across as their proposed ages. This, intermingled with some of Alice’s immaturity, made it difficult to view all of the characters as relatively the same age.

Bree is still grappling with the trauma of her mom’s death, seeking understanding in the wake of tragedy, giving her a strong motivation to begin her journey towards answers. Every time you get caught up in the fantasy, the author drags you back down to the reality of being a person of color in the south with blood-boiling comments thrown at both Bree and Alice. I liked the added stakes that made her a perceived outsider in every aspect of her life, layering the world of the Legendborn with the prejudices that give them power.

Sel was absolutely booked and busy throughout the entirety of the book, constantly carrying the team when there was any threat of danger (despite the people he protects openly disliking him). He was probably my favorite character overall, but maybe I’m just a sucker for the tormented bad boy with a dark side.

Any of my qualms mainly come down to personal taste. I don’t care for insta-love and felt like there was more development between Bree and Sel, which may have been intentional, or a byproduct of him being a more interesting character. I didn’t hate Nick by any means, he was nice and respectful, but I didn’t feel the same depth of emotion as with the others, though that may change with the reveal at the end which will hopefully have some impact on his self-identity in the next book.

I saw the ending coming (thanks to my childhood obsession with Avalon High), but still enjoyed the payoff of her finally connecting with all sides of her abilities, which I hope to see more of next book. Overall, I really enjoyed this one; compared to many of the other YA books I have read this year, this is a rich (and sometimes confusing) world with stakes and consequences, with just enough mystery interwoven to keep you reading. Although there were a lot of smaller plot points, I felt like all of the big questions set up in the beginning were answered, leaving me satisfied and excited to see where the rest of the story takes us.

3/I really loved this book. It’s the first book dealing with magic that I’ve read that’s not tied directly with witches (or at least doesn’t flat out say they are witches, more like wizards in my opinion but it honestly). It seems to be a retelling of King Arthur but placed in modern day US with the bloodlines going back from their.


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