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Free online listen to LORD OF CHAOS audiobook by Robert Jordan and narrated by Kate Reading, Michael Kramer , in series: Wheel of Time. Are you a Robert Jordan fan ? if yes you will love LORD OF CHAOS audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


LORD OF CHAOS audiobook Reviews:

1/This book’s pace was plodding and the characterization just odd.

I didn’t know what the plot arc was until the last chapter. Characters got randomly mad about things that seemed out of character or just designed to try to create a little interest in an otherwise dull novel.

All the women characters feel like they have the same personality — it’s like the author doesn’t really know how to write women characters, and is also trying to pander with a bunch “ugh, men, am I right ladies?” kind of nonsense. Also, I am so sick of hearing about Nyneave’s braid.

2/This series,in my opinion, would have been better if the author had spent less time describing things such as clothing and haircuts. Also, the made up, difficult to pronounce and remember names of people and places interfere with the enjoyment of the story. I have slogged through six of these books and I don’t think I will continue.

3/Rand maneuvers against enemies on all sides while juggling three kingdoms and the Aiel, rebel Aes Sedai lift a surprising new Amyrlin Seat, the White Tower schemes, and male channelers flock to the Dragon banner. Meanwhile, the Shadow laughs from Shayul Ghul and summer never ends. Despite all the plot building, this one didn’t hold my interest until the very end. I’m hoping the payoff comes in book seven.

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