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Free online listen to Musashi audiobook by Charles S. Terry – translator, Eiji Yoshikawa and narrated by Brian Nishii . Are you a Charles S. Terry – translator, Eiji Yoshikawa fan ? if yes you will love Musashi audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/Hard to put into words really but this book so far feels like im following this samurais path to enlightenment. It is in a very well done story format. And i am getting serious substance out of teachings that “musashi” is learning himself, and i am able to learn them as he is and apply them to my current self. As of now I give it 10/10

2/Musashi’s story, and the characters a part of that story, produce a grand narrative that not only humanize this legend of a man, but gives expression to the spirit of what it means to be a samurai. Throughout the narrative are valuable lessons of conduct, Buddhist thought, humor, the warmth and value of friendship, breathtaking action, and much more. It took me some time to make my way through the narrative, but it was worth it. Words cannot encapsulate the satisfaction gained within my spirit.

The only other I have to say is that it does my heart good to hear Brian Nishii yell, “GYyaaauuuUuaaagghhhh!”

3/my god was it a good book whether you read it for fun or as a way to gain insight into something more it is a fun book. it takes a moment to get used to the names but the narrator does his best to give a unique voice to each character. 10/10 recommend.


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