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Free online listen to Punk 57 audiobook by Penelope Douglas and narrated by Laurie Catherine Winkel, Matthew Holland . Are you a Penelope Douglas fan ? if yes you will love Punk 57 audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this story and how the title ties into the storyline. Ryens character development is also exceptional!

2/Absolutely loved it. Did it take me til the obvious chapter to piece everything together! Yes!! I gasped so loud and started cheering!! I love my Thunder Bay crew!! I hope it never ends.

3/You cannot stay indifferent to this book. Either you love or hate it. I could not put it down. Although the book seemed to be about friendship of two kids growing up and becoming more, the description is not even close to the roller-coaster of emotions I had reading it. The main heroes could drag out the worst from each other, the school setting made me feel sorry for our kids. Constant pressure, stress of being bullied or being bully, to be laughed at or laugh at others, competition, fit in or be too much of outliner. There is nothing in between. It is bad being on both ends.
I am in the beginning of my forties, therefore, I presume that nowadays kids start sexual experiments earlier and are more outgoing about it. However, the extent of spicy content in this book did not correlate with their previous experience. Not only in this book, but overall trend in new adult romance books is that guys and their skills in bed at 18 are unrealistic. Therefore, in my opinion, the spice scenes in this book was overdone, but it does not make me rate this book any less.