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Free online listen to Starsight audiobook by Brandon Sanderson and narrated by Suzy Jackson , in series: Skyward. Are you a Brandon Sanderson fan ? if yes you will love Starsight audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I enjoyed this book, but the entire time I felt it was missing something that made the first book so good. The characters felt more shallow, and the story somewhat rushed and lacking in the interpersonal tension that the Skyward did so well. I feel like I had less of a reason to root for Spensa, as her personal struggles seemed less personal and her greater mission seemed too far in the background. Plus, so many of the characters I had enjoyed in the first one are only occasionally mentioned and hardly seen. That said there are some great moments throughout and overall it is still a great book. And just like the last one the audio performance is exceptional. It just feels lacking in the areas the first excelled.

2/While the tone of this segment of the story is very different from Skyward, it is every bit as good. And Suzy Jackson’s narration of Starsight is excellent.
I hope the next book is released Audible soon! I listened to this one in just 2 days, and it has a cliffhanger ending! Aarrrrgh!

3/Realistic characters and flight mechanics, captivating writing, great humor and action. Very well balanced. You know it’s good when it’s Sci fi and my wife can’t put it down. Thanks Brandon and thanks to your team.