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The Bridge Kingdom Audiobook Reviews:

1/I feel like I just got off a ride at an amusement park! Normally, I am a person that will read 2-3 books at a time because the plot drags and I have to move to something else for awhile. But, I could. Not. Stop. reading this once I started. If youre on the fence, just read it. There is some romance, but that’s not the central focus of this book and you don’t find yourself missing it.

2/This is like crack to me , not that I know what crack is like but you get my point. Fantasy, romance, arranged marriage alliances, warrior women trained to be lethal, a bwsieged king fighting to protect his people, and politcal conflict for days. What else could a girl want?

3/I put this book off because I don’t like spice in my books. However, after seeing it raved about in a Facebook group, I decided to give it a try. Holy shmoly! I LOVED it. The spice was not over the top, vulgar, silly or even very explicit. It fit with the story and was well written. The book is not riddled with over the top cussing either.
The characters, their emotions and motivations are well flushed out and very believable. The story flowed well and held me captive the entire time. Nothing felt too far fetched and there weren’t any blatant plot holes.
Bravo Danielle. Encore!