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Free online listen to The Easy Way to Stop Smoking audiobook by Allen Carr and narrated by Duncan Wells . Are you a Allen Carr fan ? if yes you will love The Easy Way to Stop Smoking audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/the man doesn’t explain why you should quit. we already know those reasons. He explains why you DO smoke. All the lies we tell ourselves to convince us that we need it, but we do not.


2/I would recommend this book to everyone who’s still can’t find way out of annoying habit, after many times of trying to do it by will power, I give up totally and I was thinking that I will smoke until end of my life. However I get a recommendation to try this book. In beginning I had a lot resistance to try it because I was afraid to quit and lost my best friend in stressful situations. But now almost a year pass and I still can’t believe that stop smoking can be so easy!


3/Thank you for this! I really needed a realistic and raw way to view this terrible addiction that a lot of us have to nicotine. I can only say that that I will follow the directions outlined and will carry out my plan to quit this horrendous addiction. I’m a non smoker!

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