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Free online listen to The Roommate audiobook by Rosie Danan and narrated by Brittany Pressley, Teddy Hamilton . Are you a Rosie Danan fan ? if yes you will love The Roommate audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/Another fun rom com. And a super sex positive one at that! The beginning was a bit cringe-worthy at times. There was definitely some secondhand embarrassment but the MCs had such good chemistry that I didn’t mind too much. This is also a pretty  read. Be prepared for tons of sex talk due to the nature of the MMCs job and the FMCs involvement with her business idea.

And as far as spice goes… Oh boy. The couch scene. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Here’s a quick summary:

The FMC uproots her whole life to move into her life long crushes house. Only when she gets there she finds out he’s actually going on tour and has rented his room out. The guy the room is rented to is Josh who works in adult entertainment and is pretty famous for it. The FMC comes from a high society family on the east coast where scandals are death so obviously she freaks out initially. Eventually, due to her growing attraction and the chemistry between the two they end up in some compromising positions. Forced proximity will do that to you. They eventually start a business together in the adult industry and begin to catch feelings. This story is a dual POV so you get to hear Josh’s thoughts as he falls for her which is hilarious and endearing. The story is extremely sex positive and very focused on female empowerment/education/pleasure. It was really well done on that front. I can’t give this book five stars though because some of the secondhand embarrassment really got to me and I had to skip ahead through some scenes at the beginning.

2/Cute steamy story. Could have done without all the liberal politics toward the end but that’s how most books are now!

3/This is my first negative review, I always can find something to find positive. 100’s of audible books… I finish some in two days because I just can’t stop listening. This took me almost two weeks just hoping for some shred of something. I’m all for an unbelievable love story.. but this is was just silly on so many levels.

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