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Free online listen to In the Time of the Butterflies audiobook by Julia Alvarez and narrated by Alma Cuervo, Bianca Carnacho, Melanie Martinez, Noemi de la Puente . Are you a Julia Alvarez fan ? if yes you will love In the Time of the Butterflies audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/The story of the butterflies is beautiful told through the voices of these four voice actors. Switching voice from sister to sister brought a real richness to the telling of the story.
Their story is historical fact, we know going in what the ending will be (no spoilers here), but you’re gripped the entire time anyway. Alvarez created living, breathing, human women out of what are now legends. I cannot recommend it enough.

2/Beautiful story of hope, perseverance, determination, and fidelity to truth and justice. This book leaves me with a desire to learn more about the struggle of the people of the Dominican Republic. Very well written and performed.

3/This book has served to enlighten me about the struggle of the Dominican people. Women have served in places of danger on every front on every continent and in every country. I am proud of these sisters ….my sisters even though I am an African American woman. The social constructs of race, color, position, caste and patriarchy stands in the way of our recognition of our sister hood. We are stronger together! Thank you for a revealing story about the real/fictional lives of ordinary women. The specifics are fiction but the story is very real. Oppression is real. I am blessed and enlightened.