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Free online listen to The Mirror Crackd from Side to Side audiobook by Agatha Christie and narrated by Richard E. Grant , in series: Miss Marple. Are you a Agatha Christie fan ? if yes you will love The Mirror Crackd from Side to Side audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/This was a good story with a clever twist, and I love Miss Marple’s interactions and intelligence. But there were a lot of random red herrings thrown in at the very end that seemed like unnecessary plot padding, and I didn’t love that the ending tried to give a lot of sympathy to a person who murdered three people in cold blood.

The narration for the audiobook is good for the most part, but I think I would have preferred to read it myself. Doing different voices is hard enough, and doing different voices for different accents is even harder. I think the narrator did well for the most part, but there were characters that had large speaking parts for which the American accents were so bad that it really ripped you out of what was otherwise immersive story-telling. For example, the book tries to paint Ella Zielinsky as shrewd, but the narrator chose to give her a grating accent that sounded like a ditzy Minnesotan, with drawn out “oh” sounds and tailing off at the end of every sentence. Any chapter that included her was a painful listen. Marina Gregg’s accent was better, but still a bit off. The accent for Jason Rudd’s character was good though, and the accent for Ms. Marple and other English characters seemed to fit the characters perfectly.

2/One of the longer poems I ever memorized, it perfectly frames the central murder mystery. Miss Marple is wonderfully rebellious here, too. I wanna grow up to be like her. Side note: what are “Teddy Boys?”

3/All I’ve got to say is: Mind-blowing beautiful written mystery. Will not get over how off the charts I was