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Free online listen to Lover Unbound audiobook by J. R. Ward and narrated by Jim Frangione , in series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Are you a J. R. Ward fan ? if yes you will love Lover Unbound audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/Not the best out of the brotherhood series but still really good. I love that V finally finds love. But his happy ending isn’t so happy and nicely tied together like let’s say Butch. But part of that is what makes it real. All of them finding perfect love just isn’t realistic even though obviously it’s a fictional world. Worth the read!

2/The story was followable mostly until the ghost part and that was just too much too far out. I was happy in the end though when V returned with a gift. This is my least favorite story in the series so far but still worth the time it took to listen. So many stories at one time developing and not enough focus on the main characters. Whose story is this really?

3/Another one!
To truly enjoy this book you must start from book one and get to know these characters.