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Free online listen to Patron Saints of Nothing audiobook by Randy Ribay and narrated by Ramon de Ocampo . Are you a Randy Ribay fan ? if yes you will love Patron Saints of Nothing audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/Loved this book! Perfect for a high school unit centered on questioning your identity, especially as it relates to your culture. Also great for discussing family relationships and expectations from family due to cultural norms. Awesome examples of imagery that go beyond the usual similes and metaphors, truly breathtaking at times.

Things teachers should know:
No sex.
No actual drug use (though drugs and their effects are discussed).
LGBTQ+ relationship
Critical of Duterte’s drug policy (with info provided at the end for more resources on the topic and activists).
Set in American Midwest and Philippines

2/A solid immigrant American tale, this one centering on Philipino culture. The narrative will seem familiar because it’s a fairly well traveled path — the Americanized immigrant who goes to the motherland and unexpectedly becomes enraptured with the culture. Mix in a murder mystery — not much of a mystery really — and it was a quick, solid read. 7/10.

3/This book reminded me deeply of Darius the Great is Not Okay. We see a teen boy really transform and find himself in unexpected ways as he journeys to find the truth about his cousin, Jun. I always appreciate a read that exposes me to a culture I’m less familiar with and this book does that introducing me to Filipino culture, which I now will explore more.