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Free online listen to Snow audiobook by John Banville and narrated by John Lee . Are you a John Banville fan ? if yes you will love Snow audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/John Banville is arguably one of the best writers in the English language alive today. There are few surprises in this whodunit but it’s definitely worth the listen if not for the enjoyment of Banville’s writing skills alone. His telling of a sordid consensual sexual encounter has to be one of the best literary examples of how to portray such an encounter without stirring any prurient interest in his readers, leaving us only with feelings of revulsion and pity. His tale overall breaks no new ground. The worldwide scandal on which he bases his tale is by now an old story and sadly one that has yet to come to an end


2/Excellent writing and characters. Both women and men were plausible. Engrossing story. Not predictable but not surprising plot.

3/A very good mystery about topics that continue to plague society today. Definitely adult content, but presented in a way that educates, and enlightens. Excellent narration, highly recommend.


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