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Free online listen to The Dark Tower Full Series – best audiobook seri ever audiobook by Stephen King and narrated by George Guidall , in series: The Dark Tower. Are you a Stephen King fan ? if yes you will love The Dark Tower Full Series – best audiobook seri ever audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I love books, especially fantasy or sci-fi. I’ve read the big names and the less known ones and generally haven’t come across anything I thought was poorly written. This was my first attempt at reading Stephen King. I’ve watched the movies and while I enjoyed them they were definitely odd. Now I know why, King is a really odd writer. He seems to enjoy describing what is happening in a characters crotch a lot. The first book nothing happens. At all. I was so mad when I finished it I almost didn’t even pick up the 2nd book. I’m trudging through it now but it hasn’t improved. The Dark Tower movie may have little to do with the books but it was far more enjoyable to experience. I’ll never attempt another King novel again.

2/Amazing series and definitely worth the read. The first book does drag, but READ IT! I read the second book in a day. Plus, this set is gorgeous. Definitely one for the collection.

3/I was so happy to get such a great deal on a fantastic series and glad to finally have them all in my collection!