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Free online listen to The Honor of the Queen audiobook by David Weber and narrated by Allyson Johnson , in series: Honor Harrington. Are you a David Weber fan ? if yes you will love The Honor of the Queen audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/This was such a fun read! Honor Harrington is the classic hero/captain. She’s always challenged, but rises above it. There aren’t a lot of deep character sketches or drawn out motivations, to interfere with the story. There’s just enough to get a feel of the characters, and understand their role. This is not a slight. It’s a fast moving story with lots of good action. Too much happens. It would just slow the pace of the read, and ruin the sense of urgency. This is a well written novel. It’s fun, the protagonist is likeable, and it’s full of great moments. You’ll love it!

2/This series of books has it all. Action, suspense and intrigue. I highly recommend it if you enjoy military science fiction.

3/Later battle scenes were worth the read. Sometimes way too much technical babble but that is what quick swiping is for 🙂