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Free online listen to Credence audiobook by Penelope Douglas and narrated by Carson Beck, Greg Tremblay, Michael Pauley, Sofia Willingham . Are you a Penelope Douglas fan ? if yes you will love Credence audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/I see a lot of negative reviews saying that this book needs trigger warnings even though those warnings are easy to find with a simple search. This is a taboo love story between a 17 year old (turns 18 right after moving there) who moves in with her step uncle and cousins after her parent’s suicided. It is very well written and preformed and does not deserve a 1 star just because people didn’t look more into the book they were purchasing. That being said, this book has fantastic sexual tension with a slow burn! Not only that but it actually has a nice plot line with plenty of character development! If you’re into taboo and morally grey books than I highly recommend Credence. If not, this isn’t the book for you!

2/Struggled to get through this book. Uncles and cousins together was too weird! Her crying out for Uncle Jake made me very uncomfortable and then we just forget the fact she had sex with an uncle. Weird… obvious daddy issues going in here, but I didn’t need detailed sex scenes between family members.

3/I found it annoying the way the narrator portrayed Jake’s chapters. Also not a fan of just ending with 1 of them. Was odd after all the before stuff. However, the rest of the story was enjoyable and do love a happy ending.