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A Court of Wings and Ruin Reviews:

1/It is amazing that an author can make books 2 and 3 as good as the first! She keeps you interested all the way through . I am going out right now to purchase book 4! Highly recommend this series!

2/By far my favorite out of the series so far!! I loved everything about this book! I love how some things are gone into further in depth and it’s full of action keeping you on your toes a majority of the book. Many things come unraveled and others still has me guessing and wanting more and more answers. I will say at one point in this book I was full on crying. There was many incidents where I was in shock or gasp in awe but that one part wrecked my heart and soul.

I’m glad I have decided to space this series out cause these last two books have me needing to catch breathers in between to collect my emotions and thoughts on everything that has transpired and what I think will transpire in the next. Highly…HIGHLY…recommend this book and the entire series so far! Team Feysand!

3/This is my favorite of the series so many ups and downs twists and turns. It was well written and definitely made me cry.