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Free online listen to Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) audiobook by Susan Ee and narrated by Caitlin Davies . Are you a Susan Ee fan ? if yes you will love Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.

Angelfall audiobookReviews:

1/What an absolute blast! This Book had me thinking, it’s like this, no it’s more like that throughout the whole thing. I don’t like to give book summaries, I think they give too much away. What I do like to comment on are my thoughts on what the author was attempting to do. It’s clear Ee knows fantasy, and horror and what , makes us look away, and lean closer in. Her writing is enough to put the reader right in the spot. Right there with the characters. I don’t think every author can do that. I had settings clear in my imagination, from the street battle where Raffe loses his wings to Penryns horrid offensive attack on the creatures in the lab. This would make an amazing multi part movie series or TV SHOW EASILY. I had specific actors in mind The Whole time. Which helps me visualize all the great moments. I call this a hybrid, because I felt a fan based influence from other great young adult stories, but with more grit, once Raffe And Penryn encounter the attacked children in the wilderness. It felt more like the Walking Dead which is in this case an intended complement. I really do hope to see this as a live action one day, until then onto book two. Great read, a lot of fun, and worth reading.

2/I went into this book thinking I wasn’t going to like it, I only gave it a shot because it’s a favorite of a friend of mine and they sent me a copy. I was so wrong! This was so good. I fell in love the the characters, especially Raffe. I was not only surprised by how much I enjoyed this book but by how dark it got. Did not expect some of the stuff that went down!

content warning: gore, death, child death, violence, mental illness. cannibalism, kidnapping, and probably more that I can’t think of right now so be sure to look them up.

3/I found this on the kindle.unlimited free read list. I was looking for something different from my usual reads. And I’m glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised! Beautifully written! I fell in love with alk the characters. Can’t wait for the next book!

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