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Free online listen to COME AS YOU ARE audiobook by Emily Nagoski and narrated by Emily Nagoski . Are you a Emily Nagoski fan ? if yes you will love COME AS YOU ARE audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/Recommended by my sex therapist, this is a fantastic book. A little wordy, but the insights are so helpful. I had my husband read and it has changed our relationship for the better.

2/Every woman should read this book ! I didn’t expect it to be so emotional but it was. I think we underestimate how much damage our patriarchal society does to women . And how that can and does impact our desires and what we think is normal. It is worth reading this book of only to have science tell you that you are normal and beautiful just as you are. Yes! Right now! As you are. Right. Now.

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3/Anyone who wants a good sex life needs to read this book. No Top Five Tips or whatever, but a light more insights and science about female sexuality. Also read this if you have any kind of low self-esteem or insecurity about your sexuality. I guarantee this book will help.