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Free online listen to Love and Other Words audiobook by Christina Lauren and narrated by Erin Mallon . Are you a Christina Lauren fan ? if yes you will love Love and Other Words audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I was so invested in this book, I really love all Christina Lauren books. I loved it all the way until the end. Then we get to the “big reveal” on why Elliot and Macy haven’t talked in eleven years. At first it was just kind of childish (I mean, they are like 18 at that point). But then we hear the rest of the story and it was so unnecessarily traumatic?! Poor Macy. IMO it was somewhat unrealistic and not a good addition to the story. Furthermore it was just went unresolved, basically it was the big reveal and then bam, HEA. Kind of bummed.

2/I found this book via BookTok and read it in one evening. Not once did I feel bored or panicked to get to the next part. I enjoyed every sentence. The pace of the storytelling was perfect to me. I can’t wait to buy a hardcopy and read it again. I loved Elliott’s sincerity and I appreciated Macy’s growth. I hope they make a movie soon!

3/So overall I really liked this story but unless I’m misunderstanding, they pretend that the guy sleeping with a different girl right after telling Macy he loved her and wanted to marry her isn’t enough of a reason to not want to talk to him again. Sure, he was drunk. But he’s still responsible for his actions.