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1/I’ve listened to this book twice and eventually got a hard copy, unlike other people, I never got bored of this book, I like how leaned back it is and how you can visualize aled and frances friendship forming throughout this. Although the mystery was obvious, it was really mainly a secret for frances and her figuring it out and it was a small point in the big story of gaining trust just for it to fall and have to be gained back again. And the struggle over conflicts is so good! You can really hear Aleds story, he was my favorite in Heartstopper so this formed his character a lot more. I would suggest this book for anyone who wants a nice relaxed book that you can read on a rainy day.


2/I am lost for words. i binged this in a day; it was that good. everything from the plot to the characters was perfect. my favorite par was definitely the characters: the way they were portrayed and described; there was this realness to them, they felt like real people; the way they were described in such detail, every little habit or pattern in their behavior was shown in the most subtle way possible which, like i said before, makes them so real and believable. each character is developed in a way that makes it seem like they have a life outside of advancing the plot like they are real people with real stuff going on even if they are only seen once in the entire story. the way the characters interact with each other and the world is just so well developed and so perfect (i’m really failing with adjectives right now).

i also really love the world building even thought places are not necessarily key points in the plot you get feel for the places that are around the characters that are often frequented or mention and it feels like it takes place in an actual place.

the plot is amazing and captivating but best part about this has got to be the emotion. the realness and rawness of it all how accurately and realistically different people express themselves in different ways weather but body language or speech or their actions.

i guess i should actually talk about the plot some. it takes its time developing the story without anything dragging on (honestly it’s just the perfect pace) to the point where it’s not something i thought about once while reading (with other books this bothers me a lot i am very important but like to savor things). the story has some mysterious and tense aspects that keep you on the edge of your seat, without being frustrating or too suspenseful. the story unfolds really nicely. and even though it develops well there are still turns in the plot and the story never fails to be interesting. as someone who is good at predicting plot outcomes form the begging i can say i had some fun suspecting some stuff but was never able to fully figure it out which kept the story satisfying.

i also think since i am reviewing an audiobook i should talk about the narrator. i personally really liked their voice. it’s crisp and clear without it being jarring. and it’s soothing without loosing your attention. i personally love the way they change their voice slightly for aled because i don’t think any other voice would work for him. their voice also works really well with frances.

i would definitely recommend this book and any other book by alice oseman to anyone (especially queer and ya/teen readers) as they are all beautifully written masterpieces.


3/ This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and the narration is excellent. Alice Oseman has a way of slowly getting you to care about her characters without you even realizing how attached you’re getting, then traumatizing them, and you in the process. I was on the verge of tears for most of the back half of Radio Silence, and the narrator’s voices were so expressive I could feel the emotion dripping off of every line. Absolutely stunning, thoroughly recommended.