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Free online listen to The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine #1) audiobook by James Dashner and narrated by Erik Davies . Are you a James Dashner fan ? if yes you will love The Eye of Minds (The Mortality Doctrine #1) audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/Michael lives as much of his free time as possible in the VertNet inside his coffin. Here he can browse the web, play games with his friends, and much more all in stunning and realistic virtual reality. When he is tasked to save a random from jumping and committing suicide in the game things get real quickly. She pulls her core which stops her brain from realizing its a game and kills herself for real. Shortly after the government tasks Michael and his friends with finding the person who drove her and many others to permanent suicide. They must find Kane and allow the security to access his inner coding. What they find may be much worse than they are willing to handle.
This book was suggested to me on LikeWise because of my recent spiral into VR books. I have read bits and pieces of the Maze Runner (I own them and will get to it. But, I made the mistake of watching the movie first so it’s hard to separate what I seen on the screen.) and have enjoyed them so seeing this was by James Dashner was an immediate yes for me. I was not disappointed as it was an exciting book with twists I did not immediately expect.

2/I bought this book for my 13 year old son and he absolutely adored it! Within a week or so, he asked me to buy another one. I didnt really get how extraordinary this book was, until I myself read it. Let me tell you something, this book was a very good read. It has everything from plots to cliff-hangers which make the book more interesting and exciting. Now, I myself never read any Jason Dashner books but I knew that these books were just like Rick Riordans with enough things to make children and even adults excited for the sequel. I hope this helps!

3/A fun sci-fi story that revolves around the VirtNet where people can immerse themselves in virtual worlds for days at a time. Michael is a normal kid with everyday worries until he is recruited by the government to help find the most dangerous hacker in the world. Along with his friends, Michael works to solve the puzzles that will lead to this criminal and save the VirtNet. The twist at the end was completely unexpected and fun.
This is a great series for middle-grade students who enjoy gaming or the idea of virtual reality.