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1/I loved the action and the everything! Best book I have read in a decade! Have a good day and be nice to everyone! Best book ever!!!!

2/My grandsons and my fifth grade students love this book. With my students this book gives me an opportunity to teach them how to read multisyllabic words. That is exactly what we need to teach our fifth graders to do. The story of this book gives us the perfect vehicle in which to discuss the advanced vocabulary in it and the opportunity to introduce the Greek gods. I noticed over and over that this is the first time many of our students begin to love learning about characters in history.

3/This series is playing on greek mythology, a topic which i personally have been infatuated with since i was 10. The writer, Rick Riordan, my favorite author, wrote about children of the gods, gave them ADHD and dyslexia, which made me feel like my disability is a super power. The story is intense, with highly relatable characters and a intresting plot full of twists and turns, all while twisting an ancient mythology into the modern era, very successfully, i might add. The only think thats terrible about the percy jackson series is the movies, which do not follow the plot, have half the depth and skip out on more than half the content. Book wise 10/10. Highly reccomended, suitable for all ages, recommended for children with ADHD and dyslexia to teach them that its not always a disability and that they can accomplish anything with willpower and determination. Truely inspiring!