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Free online listen to The Power of Habit audiobook by Charles Duhigg and narrated by Mike Chamberlain . Are you a Charles Duhigg fan ? if yes you will love The Power of Habit audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/Good book. The formula and process are good. I started to lose interest when the author discussed habits within organization, still very interesting but made the book much longer.

2/Very well written book!! Exposes us to new ideas (how habits are created) and shows us how to create a new habit – how to shed bad ones too!! Summary at the end of the chapter is very helpful.

3/I have reader a lot from this book. Not only insight on my own habits but social constructs and behaviors. Also give you great break down of the why or how it you developed a habit. Also some useful guideline on identify and over coming habits you didn’t notice you have.