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Free online listen to The Song of Achilles audiobook by Madeline Miller and narrated by Frazer Douglas . Are you a Madeline Miller fan ? if yes you will love The Song of Achilles audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/I think I liked Circe a little better, but am so glad I went back and read this novel too. The writing is so poetic and beautiful. I love Patroclus!

2/OMG, I held my breath for the second half of this book. My memory of the events was enough to know what had to happen, but that simply doesn’t spoil a thing.
She’s managed to take everything we know of the story from the existing texts and build a world that is thoroughly absorbing and beautiful. It’s a story of epic soul binding love, so beautifully rendered.
I really enjoyed how there was no modern lens put onto the story. She just tells it. Ideas and concepts that mean something to us would have been meaningless to the ancients, and behaviours we find unacceptable were normal. So some bits are difficult, there’s human sacrifice, and slavery including sexual slavery, but nothing is gratuitous or too graphic.
Just read it it’s beautiful.

3/I didn’t choose to read this book. It was chosen for me as a book-club read. I don’t like books about mythology (school in the 1960s put me off for life.) Or ancient history, or wars in any period of history, apart from maybe the two world wars. So, I bought this book with trepidation, not knowing what to expect. I didn’t quite believe all the good reviews, and thought I would hate it.

I actually loved it. This is a beautifully-written, very descriptive book. It was easy to read, and a real page turner. I felt that I learned a lot about ancient Greece and the Trojan war. I can’t fully remember the story of Achilles from school (it has been erased from my memory, along with Jason and the Argonauts, and the Minotaur) but I loved this re-telling and couldn’t put the book down. The simple, striking cover is beautiful too and I would thoroughly recommend this book. A wonderful read.