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Free online listen to When He Was Wicked audiobook by Julia Quinn and narrated by Rosalyn Landor , in series: Bridgertons. Are you a Julia Quinn fan ? if yes you will love When He Was Wicked audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


When He Was Wicked audiobook Reviews:

1/So much more emotion. And the epilogue, a tear jerker. And, yes, the passion.

The making her not have done so many things after 2 years of marriage was a bit of a stretch but I loved the descriptions all the same.

Read it. You’ll be glad you did.

2/Omg if they would have just TALKED to eachother it would have been a moving, sweet, steamy romance between two best friends but no. Michael turned hard and Francesca turned inward and what we were left with was verbal abuse and hate/revenge/I’ll trap you into marriage sex that was hot in the moment but left the characters (and me) deflated and empty. JUST TALK to each other! Like this: “Michael, I’m confused about what I’m feeling. I should not be feeling these feelings for you. I feel like I’m dishonoring John,” she said, dipping her chin to her chest. Michael sighed, embracing her tenderly before raising her chin to look at her. “I understand,” he said, “Why do you think I ran off to India for four years?” “What do you mean?” “Frannie…I tried so hard not to…I tried everything…but the truth is, I’ve loved you from the second I laid eyes on you.” “…Michael, I…” she murmured. “I know. You don’t know the guilt that has consumed me. I love you Frannie but I NEVER wished to…” “no…of course not! You wouldn’t! You loved John!” “We both still love John,” Michael said, softly. “I need some time,” Francesca said. “I know,” he said, pressing her up against the wall, “take the time you need,” now kissing her desperately. “Just don’t run away, Francesca.”
Boom! There! The they can have all the confusing sex but it’s not laced with anger and rapiness

Oh!! And the epilogue where she goes to the family residence and magically gets pregnant TWICE is offensive to infertility couples everywhere. It doesn’t happen “if you just relax.” That was infuriating. If you’re going down a road like that, do your research and don’t minimize 1/3 women’s deepest heartache. Why couldn’t the brother in law botanist helped or something?! Geeze…

3/This is easily my favorite of the entire series!!! I was a bit confused by the title but it lived!!!! Honestly, I thought I would stop at Eloise’s story because the younger siblings didn’t seem interesting but y’all I was wrong!!!! If you’ve come this far then you know the “peak” of the stories are jaw dropping but the new Earl of Kilmartin did his big one!!! Very intoxicating scene. Loved every bit of it! Ladies I’m hooked. Gregory don’t let me down!!! You’re next!

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