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Free online listen to WORTH DYING FOR audiobook by Lee Child and narrated by Dick Hill , in series: Jack Reacher. Are you a Lee Child fan ? if yes you will love WORTH DYING FOR audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I never did understand why lee child’s let so many mistakes get bye. I love his books and he’s a great story teller. But punctuation his not his thing. I can’t understand how this has gone on for so long. He has to be aware of this. Maybe he is not aware of it and his staff is to afraid of him to say anything. Who knows.

2/You have to like the action hero genre to appreciate the story. And I do! Always engaging. Always interesting. Jack Reacher stories never let you down.

3/Reacher is the outsider just passing thru. Unfortunately it’s the wrong time and the wrong place. It has a fast moving plot with plenty of twists.