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Free online listen to Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) audiobook by Tahereh Mafi and narrated by Kate Simses . Are you a Tahereh Mafi fan ? if yes you will love Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/I had just finished This Woven Kingdom by Mafi and knew I instantly needed to pick up another book by her. This series had been on my TBR for a while. I read a lot of negative reviews, though, and I soon found out why…this book is different. Personally, I always give an author credit for taking risks, whether or not I like what they did. Mafi did that and I ended up loving it.

The narrator is unreliable. There are strange descriptions and obsessive, intrusive thoughts. The MC will think something and then strike it through before finishing the thought in a more “appropriate” manner. As someone who struggles with Major Depressive Disorder, I felt…understood. I could see myself in the MC despite how different and extraordinary her circumstances were compared to mine. Plus, Mafi is a genuinely interesting storyteller.

This book was written over 10 years before This Woven Kingdom. I can see how this was earlier writing for her—TWK feels like great improvement in her writing. However, she still started off better than most with Shatter Me.

2/Finally jumped on the bandwagon with this one lol. And I actually did like it, overall. I thought the dystopian world was fascinating, and I’m very curious about Juliette’s powers and how they work and what else she can do with them. The romance was a bit cringey because he was like professing love to her when he didn’t really know her? I mean, I get they knew each other as kids but he literally DIDN’T SAY A WORD to her back then, so it’s not like they were friends or anything. The declaration of love felt like it came out of nowhere. And Warner is also obsessively in love with her, too? It was too much and reeked of the whole “I’m plain and ordinary and yet all the boys are in love with me” trope (which, I understand, was pretty big around the time this came out, so I’m a little forgiving about it).

Also, I felt the ending was… weird? Like it would’ve made sense if the book ended when they reached their destination and she met Castle and realized what that whole place was, and then BOOM, ending. That would’ve packed a good punch. But instead, it dragged on, and she was wandering around meeting random people, and then the book just ended with her trying on an outfit?? It was SUPER weird and abrupt and didn’t feel like an ending at all.

3/Shatter Me is an amazing series, one of my absolute favorites! However, I think this book is best for people who are willing to devote some time to getting into the writing style and getting to know the characters.

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