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Free online listen to Six of Crows audiobook by Leigh Bardugo and narrated by Jay Snyder, Lauren Fortgang, Roger Clark , in series: Six of Crows. Are you a Leigh Bardugo fan ? if yes you will love Six of Crows audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.



1/I almost put this down when the first chapter opened with a mooney love-sick teen à la Romeo and Rosalyn. But that was more like a prologue and thankfully we left those characters behind only to hear mention briefly of Roz later. And thankfully I kept listening.

The story is good. The characters are good. The relationships are good. There’s interesting growth and inward struggle. It’s a good read. Solid. A little fun. Some interesting things going on. I’d compare the quality and entertainment value to The Red Queen. I’ll be seeking out the next one.

The narration on the audiobook was very good. There are multiple perspectives and, thus, multiple voice actors. They were mostly different enough to keep it straight. And each narrator was good, tho one sounded more like a movie trailer narrator at times and it got a bit distracting.

2/I love me a good ol fashioned heist story and #SixofCrows is exactly that. Think Oceans 11 but the thieves also have magic on their side. Six criminals and outcasts band together to pull off the impossible: break into a heavily guarded fortress and smuggle out not an object, but a living human being. If they pull it off they are promised the payday of a lifetime. You’ve got multiple perspectives, interwoven timelines and all the hilarious hijinks of a group who starts as reluctant comrades but might just become a found family. Has it been done before? Sure. But I love these kinds of stories and #LeighBardugo does a fantastic job with this one.

For the uninitiated, our story takes place in the #grishaverse, the same world as #ShadowAndBone but really has very little to do with that story line so feel free to read independently. And while I quite enjoyed the Shadow and Bone trilogy, I have to say that Six of Crows was better paced and just a little more interesting overall. If you’ve seen the Netflix series then you’ll already be familiar with a few of the characters (Netflix is combining these stories to interesting effect but that’s a discussion for another time). I was super intrigued by Inej, Kaz and Jesper in the show so I was delighted to delve more into each of these anti heroes in this book.

If I have any criticism it’s this. The characters are all supposed to be in their teens – this is after all a YA book. But I couldn’t help picturing them as much closer to my age. Maybe that’s because of their mature characterization or my own bias but I decided to essentially just rewrite that detail in my head. Secondly, the book ended on a cliff hanger but for some reason I didn’t feel compelled to immediately pick up #CrookedKingdom even though it’s already on my shelf. Perhaps because at the end of most heist stories there’s that sense of relief. Our anti heroes ride off into the sunset to enjoy the spoils of their hard work. But SEMI SPOILER, we don’t really get any of that relief here. The crew is immediately set up for a new, potentially more dangerous adventure. I’m sure I’ll read the next book soon but for now I need a little break.

3/One of the most thrilling and good books I’ve read and the end ohhh my gosh plot twist left with a cliff hanger