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The Sea of Monsters audiobook Reviews:

1/Awesome with so much action I almost fell out of my chair! Recommend reading first book though. Lots of context required.

2/Wow! This book is awesome! I love the action and replay of Odysseus! This book is a must read for people who are into Greek mythology and the ordinary life of a teenage half-blood. So much action, suspense and such! Love it!

3/The Percy Jackson series is fantastic! Don’t miss it – no matter how old you are!
Having said that, I was just hunting up the audio version of *Sea of Monsters* for a road trip we are heading out on and my library had that one checked out. Discovered Amazon offered the “Kindle Edition with Audio/Video”, but, even after hunting around online to understand what that meant, it wasn’t clear. So I tried (with trepidation) the Amazon chat service. The CS person I got assured me that this meant this was just like an audiobook, not just audio clips and “enhancements.” So I bought it for $6, hoping he was right.
He wasn’t. I also then needed to buy the $7-8 Audible “add-on” to get the book in audio format. FYI!
Maybe I missed something along the way, etc. I wish Amazon had the “ask a question” feature enabled on listings like this, b/c I’m sure other readers could have told me the correct info right off the bat. Or just train their CS folks better…but that might be asking too much! LOL!
Now you know….it’s still cheaper than beginning a membership to Audible (which I didn’t want to get sucked into again), but more expensive than I had thought it would be at the outset.
Regardless of how you choose to experience this book series – don’t miss it! Such complete fun!