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Free online listen to Pretty Reckless (All Saints High #1) audiobook by L.J. Shen and narrated by Angela Goethals; Maxine Mitchell; Michael Crouch . Are you a L.J. Shen fan ? if yes you will love Pretty Reckless (All Saints High #1) audiobook. Now lets try to play the audio and leave a comment about this book.


1/I’m glad Daria’s book was first because after reading Dean’s and Trent’s books I wasn’t the biggest fan of Daria. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to understand her better!!

2/I love everything that I’ve read by LJ Shen. From the original hotholes to their kids stories, I love all the storylines and how they are interconnected

3/I loved the sparkles and daggers between these two lovers! They are magnets that repel and attracts with the same fierce invisible force!
Loved the story and loved all the characters! Even their parents!
This is one of those bad girl stories where you watch the heroine struggle to find her path to herself.